The “dark spiritual night” (5/5) –  How not to put thoughts into action



Three ways are open for you: One is to get merged in maya, surrender to its frailties — marry, have offspring, do as you like. Another is absolute mental annihilation. The third is of hypocrisy and pretense — be a fraud, posing as [being] spiritual yet indulging in maya!

“I prefer the second way,” Krishnaji said.

I am glad to hear it, but you should not succumb to temptations. I do not mean you could escape them, but you should avoid them. Not to run away from them means you should not fear them, feel nervous about them, be overcome by them.

Again, this means that there is no need to stop thoughts from coming. This is a very important thing. In no book is it mentioned. It is only for my lovers that I am pointing out today the secret of this spiritual darkness.

Lusty, good or bad thoughts should not be checked. Let them come, rather encourage them to come! Do not feel nervous or get despondent, but never allow them to express themselves in actions.

What happens then? To clean the slate of the mind these sanskaras should be spent in any way. If they are not spent in this birth they will have to be spent in the next birth. So they should be spent through thoughts only. If they are spent through physical actions, as we have said, new sanskaras are created. So they should only be spent mentally. When their force is spent, you are free.

… Only if you follow me 100 percent will you be free. Even great souls had to pass through all this.

Now why do these thoughts come? From where do they come? They are not borrowed, nor do they come from somewhere outside. They were deep within you. If they do not surface now, they will surge up some other time. So I repeat, don’t worry, and if you follow me 100 percent you will be free., p3307
March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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