The meaning of “Leave all and follow me” is to obey me


I may be good or bad, but if you take me to be the Avatar, just obey me. If you have the slightest doubt about my Avatarhood, then your homage to me, garlanding and reverence will not only be a symbol of sheer hypocrisy, but will land you in a deep pit! This is not the first time I give you this warning; I have been giving it over the ages. What is the meaning of “Leave all and follow me?” It is to obey me!

…Before I adopted silence, a man came to me at Meherabad. He began crying, “Baba, keep me here. I have come with that intent. I will obey you one hundred percent.”

He had a wife and children. I asked if he would cut his child’s throat if I ordered him. He accepted it. I then asked him to wander around the town naked.

He replied, “How can I do that?”

I emphasized to him, “I am only giving you an idea about obedience – how difficult it is. I will never order you either to slit the throat of your child or walk about naked.”

I want this sort of obedience from you. If you have love for me, don’t take my name less than fourteen times, and say it with wholehearted love.

–Date and place: May 1955; Meherabad
Lord Meher (First Ed), p4731 (Revised 2014), p3792

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