The New Life: All are equal and everything must be open

At Supa, Baba said:

“From now on, everything must be clear, open and truthful. Nothing should be kept secret and hidden. All are equal, and all should treat each other and accommodate each other equally. Everyone should try to be 100 percent honest, and should only speak the truth whatever the circumstances and consequences.
(LM, p2785)

The four phases of New Life:

  1. The first period of training will be spent at Belgaum comprising physical labor.
  2. The second period of training will be spent at Benares comprising begging and life in langoti [loincloth].
  3. The third and last period of training will be spent on the way to Hardwar comprising gypsy life.
  4. From January 1, 1950, onward, whether on the way to Hardwar or wherever God takes us, will be the endless New Life of hopelessness in real earnest

(LM, p2793)


“All trouble stems from hoping,” Baba remarked. “Where there is no hope there can be no disappointment.” (LM, p2755)

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