The New Life: Conditions for others

[Baba outlines conditions for living for those not going with him during this New Life period]

As outlined, those women not going with Baba had to live according to certain instructions. Baba stated that he would give each woman individually a special order. Each was made to understand that, though they would be separated physically from Baba, they would be sharing Baba’s New Life by living the life Baba had chosen for them — by not possessing money, or buying or accepting new things, by not going to movies, and by only accepting food, shelter and necessary toiletries from those with whom each would be staying. (LM, p2755)

They were also informed that those who would not be going with Baba “must give up hope 100 percent, wholeheartedly and sincerely of ever seeing Baba or meeting him again.” By giving up hope entirely and carrying out his orders, they would be sharing his New Life.

“All trouble stems from hoping,” Baba remarked. “Where there is no hope there can be no disappointment.” (LM, p2755)

ON AUGUST 29, Keshav Nigam, Shripat Sahai, Babu Ramprasad and Vrindavan Nigam from Hamirpur arrived at Meherabad to invite Baba for darshan program at Hamirpur. Baba gave them the following instructions  and told them  that it is voluntary, but  if you once promise is given to follow any of them, then there should be no breach of it. Consequently, think it over deeply before promising. These are the orders: “First, do not touch money; second, do not touch women; third, fast for 24 hours one day a week, taking only water and tea.” (LM, p2755)


“People call me the Lord of the universe, but I am the Servant of the universe. I am the Washerman who cleanses humanity’s filth!  (LM, p2755)


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