The New Life – Companions preparedness for joining the New Life

“Old Life – Perfect Divinity, Divine Man.”
“New Life – Perfect Humility, Ordinary Man,”
(LM*, p2943)

While calling for the meeting, Baba repeatedly warned: “However busy you may be, do not fail to be present all the time. I will not be available afterwards. There will be no more chances like these. I will need no further work to be done by anyone. Take all that I say with the utmost seriousness.
(LM, p2739)

“May God help all those who may take anything lightly or allow themselves to be misled by their own individual fads and fancies.”

Baba told his companions:
All those who accompany Baba must take it as an absolute and unqualified certainty that they will not receive even the slightest spiritual or material benefit, or indeed any benefit whatever. On the contrary, they must be prepared for every kind of disappointment and adversity.
(LM, p2760)

If any man sought Baba’s advice about outside matters, Baba would reply:
Dispose of all that you can dispose of. Provide whatever you can provide for your dependents. Arrange whatever you can arrange on these lines, and wait and see for yourself what is finally decided in the meetings; then, decide for yourself whether you can or cannot remain with me in the future.
(LM, p2740)

Baba then remarked,
“Those who want to come with me should consider themselves as already dead. Just as a corpse has no connection or concern with anything material, does not ask questions and does not want anything, in like manner those accompanying me will have to be with me as corpses.
(LM, p2749)

Another time Baba said:
Under all these circumstances, those of you who really succeed in remaining with me to the end will become worthy to be worshiped by me.
(LM, p2750)


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