The New Life – Standing order for all who accompany Baba

Mandali Hall, Meherabad

[From today we will have some anecdotes, important messages, etc., from Beloved Baba’s New Life]


If you accompany Baba, you will have to obey certain general standing orders at all times.

These are:

1. You will not touch women.

2. You will not touch money, and you will not accept money from anyone or give it to anyone — even to Baba.

3. You will not discuss politics.

4. You will not express anger by word or deed to anyone, whatever the provocation, and you will not criticize anyone unfairly, either to their face or behind their back. Although you may at times feel anger in your mind, you must never express it by word or deed.

5. Without Baba’s permission, you will not go anywhere for any purpose, except for bathing, for drinking water and for calls of nature.

6. Without Baba’s permission, you will not eat any food or drink anything except water at any place at all. If, however, you are offered food or clothing, you may accept them, but must give them to Baba at the earliest opportunity.

7. You will tell no lies. Everything will be frank, clear and open. There will, for example, be no evasion of the truth if you are asked who you are, or who Baba is.

8. Neither Baba nor you will accept homage from anyone, nor will you deliberately create circumstances that might invite homage to Baba or to you. If, however, without your having invited it, homage is given to Baba or to you, it must be repaid, action for action, to the giver. Should Baba place his head on your feet or wash your feet, et cetera, this will be an order, and should neither be repaid nor considered as homage., p2761
31 August 1949; Meherabad Mandali Hall


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