The New Life: Baba accepts Todi Singh’s request to offer bhiksha (Part -1 of 3)

Another person who played a special part in Baba’s stay at Manjri Mafi was a gentleman named Todi Singh. Earlier in August 1949 just before the start of the New Life, Todi Singh travelled from his home town in Aligarh, near Delhi to Ahmednagar hoping to have Meher Baba’s darshan.  This was at the time of the New Life meetings when Baba not seeing any outsiders, but to his good fortune, Todi Singh, from a distance, was able catch a brief glimpse of Baba who was sitting in a car parked in front of Adi’s office at Khushru Quarters in Ahmednagar. That glimpse so overpowered him that when he returned home to Aligarh, he became almost like a mast in his absorption in Baba.

Months later, Todi saw Baba in a dream. In this dream, Baba and, the companions were on their way north to Dehra Dun. Baba looked radiant in a white sadra with His hair flowing, and Todi Singh instantly fell prostrate before Him and touched His feet. Lifting him up, Baba said, “At present, I am in Dehra Dun. Come there. Serve me. Feed me.”

When he awoke from the dream, Todi Singh had to face the unhappy fact that Baba was in the New Life and out of contact with His followers, but he could not let the dream go that easily.

A while later, Todi had to take the night train to Dehra Dun on business where he ran into Kishan Singh, who was a long-time Baba follower.

Seeing how troubled Todi Singh appeared Kishan Singh asked, “Why do you look so worried?”

Instead of answering Todi Singh asked another question “Do you know Baba’s whereabouts?”

“I know, but Baba is inaccessible to everyone in the New Life.” Kishan reminded him.

Todi Singh then blurted out, “Baba has called me. everyone in the “I know, but Baba is inaccessible t ,o New Life.” Kishan reminded him.

Although he did not reveal where Baba was, Kishan Singh felt Todi Singh was sincere and told him that he could take two large fifteen seer tins of clarified butter (ghee) to Keka Nalavala’s address in Dehra Dun.

Upon arriving in Dehra Dun, Todi Singh went strainght to Keka’s home with tins of ghee and asked him about Baba.

Keka replied, “I am not aware of Baba’s whereabouts. He does not: see anyone in the New Life. Kindly, therefore, go back with the ghee tins,”

When Todi Singh urged him to take the tins, he refused, saying, “Baba is to arrive tomorrow, but He is not seeing anyone, and in the New Life, He is not accepting anything from anyone either! Kindly leave so as not to disturb Him.”

Todi Singh persisted and eventually told Keka about his dream, adding, “Baba has called me here to serve Him!”

Keka was still adamant and again told him to leave.

-“Meher Baba’s New Life”, Bhau Kalchuri, p306

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