Maya (1/2): Life is a dream

The lawyer Harish Chander Kochar came to see Baba on Friday, 26 June 1953, and Baba asked him, “What do you desire?”

“Permit me to spend some time each day with the mandali,” he said.

“You are presently sitting before me; what more do you want? You attend court, argue cases, rear your children — what is wrong with that?”

Baba discoursed at length, spelling out:

But it is true that you are confined in a very large, formidable prison — the prison of the mind, of the body and of the world. If once you are freed from this jail, you are safe forever. Still, this is all a figment of the imagination. You have passed through so many births. Just imagine how many children you have had. They are nowhere today.

In truth, there is nothing. Even the present life is a dream. In a dream at night, you eat, weep and are joyous. But on awakening, you find it was all a dream. Likewise, life is a dream. When one awakens from sleep, he considers the dream dreamt as a dream. But while dreaming, if the person were told that he was only dreaming, he would never believe it.

At the time, his dream is a reality for him. But on rising, he automatically realizes it was a dream.

I tell you today that what you see and what you hear is all a dream. But you will never believe it, because whatever you experience you think is real. When your eyes are opened, you will spontaneously know and experience that what you took as real was in fact a dream., p3349
June, 1953; Dehra Dun

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