The Self, ego and bindings – Creative and amplificatory imprints

Divinized imprints are not detractive but creative, not restrictive but amplificatory. Thus they are radically different from ego-prints. Essentially they are complementary assets added to the Universal Mind. Their function is not that of curtailment or restriction, but of supplementary increment. On the other hand, the binding impressions of the ego-mind are restrictive and detractive.

The difference between the binding impressions of the ego-mind and the divinized impressions of the Universal Mind is a difference in kind, not merely a difference of degree. In the same way, the difference between the freedom of the ego-mind and the freedom of the Universal Mind is not one of degree but of kind.

-Life At Its Best, p37



“To develop love, you have to do it practically; that is, you have to experience it in everyday life.
You must lessen your desires and make others happy by thinking less of your own happiness.
This can be done. By desire, I mean selfish desires.
It is all very practical and very simple; but people always make it complicated.”
(, 1625)

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