The Two Aspects of Divinity – Part 1


The Master’s message, “The Two Aspects of Divinity,” was delivered on this occasion by Ghani Munsiff, an excerpt of which is as follows:

However dark the clouds and whatever may be the poignancy of pain and despair, one spiritual fact, embodying cheer and hope to suffering humanity, must not be lost sight of, and which I am going to convey to you here today.

There are always two aspects of divinity perpetually and eternally active in the affairs of the world: the destructive aspect of divinity as expressed in Persian Shama-e-jalal, which means Self-glorification, and the constructive aspect of divinity called in Persian Shama-e-jamal, meaning Self-beatitude. This aspect of Self-glorification by God, when it gets palpably active, entails suffering and destruction on a colossal scale. The aspect of divine Self-beatitude, when it asserts itself, brings in its wake peace and plenty.

In the aspect of Self-glorification, divinity repels itself through its own creation; and in the aspect of Self-beatitude, divinity attracts or loves itself through its own creation. The former is a negative method and the latter a positive one. And both these methods ultimately are instruments of divine wisdom, to arouse humanity to the divine heritage, which is Self-Realization.

–, p2442
November, 1944; Nagpur

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