The working of Maya-8 (Transcending the Falsehoods): The two types of falsehoods (Contd.)

The falsehoods of vitiated thinking spring from initial mistakes in valuation. They arise as a by-product of intellectual activity, which consists in the pursuit of certain accepted values. They come into existence as a part of the rationalization and the justification of accepted values.

When false beliefs derive their being and vitality from deep-rooted desires, they are nourished by false seeking. If the error in false beliefs is purely intellectual, it is easy to set right. But false beliefs that are nourished by false seeking are the citadels of Maya.

Elimination of desires and attachments that vitiate thinking is not accomplished purely by sheer intellect. This requires right effort and right action.  Not by armchair speculation but by the doing of right things shall spiritual truths be discovered. Honest action is a preliminary to the elimination of spiritual falsehoods.

The perception of spiritual truths requires not merely strenuous and furious thinking but clear thinking, and true clarity of thought is the fruit of a pure and tranquil mind.

-Extracted from Discourses, 7th Ed., 381


“… true joy will evade us again and again, unless we get firmly established in the imperishable sweetness (ananda) of Life Eternal, which admits no divisions and accepts no limitations.” (, p3202)

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