Winning release from Maya (Part 1/2)

If you can only manage to give up subservience to the great attributes of Maya, which are kam, krodh, lobh-passion (lust), anger and greed-you thereby acquire something, some worthiness, some deservingness towards attainment of that great Goal of Truth.

For those who have no Spiritual Guide, they should take and repeat the name of God with real love. Those who, while living and working in the world and doing their duties towards their family and others at the same time always remember God and lead a pure and most virtuous life and in addition, who do not at all grieve, grumble, and complain at the loss of their wives and children and relatives but remain contented with this consolation, that all these were given by God at His Will and are taken by Him at His Will: such ones are no less worthy. Their preparedness and deserving are great indeed—certainly much more than those make-believe “sadhus” who wander here and there conferring their “blessing” on those that give them alms.

This mode of living (of those in the world who faithfully perform their duties) is for those who, while they remember God, have no Guru or Guide.

As for those who do have a Guru or a Guide, theirs is quite a different case. They have only to surrender to him heart and soul, and obey and carry out his orders to the last word. That’s all they need to do—though even that is difficult. For such people generally find themselves in a very awkward situation. From one end, the material Maya attracts them towards the world and its surroundings, and from the other end the Guru attracts them towards himself. Thus their state is like that of a man who has two wives. Of course, eventually it is the Guru who succeeds, who drags such a one out from the clutches of  Maya and sets him free, but for all that, the powers of Maya are by no means slight. To the contrary, they are tremendous, and overcoming them is difficult in the extreme. For example, suppose, even after these explanations that I have been giving for so long and all this training of the mind and mentality, a fairy-like beauty were to come and stand at the door. Instantly all eyes would be eager to have a look at her and all would be attracted by her. This is because you all have bodies and, along with them, an understanding colored by Maya, which always attracts you towards itself. Now, make this same fairy stand before a child or else place a heap of wealth near the child. Would he be affected? Not at all! Why not? Because he has no knowledge or consciousness of Maya, of passion and greed, kam and lobh, even though he has the same body as you have, and that body would be affected by feelings of pleasure and pain, just as you are! All this goes to say, get yourself free from the clutches and bindings of Maya.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p35
22-May-1926; Meherabad

Photo courtesy: MSI collection

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