Love God wholeheartedly

[On the occasion of the Extended and Renovated Avatar Meher Baba Ahmednagar Center] Baba said:

“All of you present today will always be able to receive my full blessings if you love God wholeheartedly — so wholeheartedly as to completely forget the affairs of the world. But remember, the slightest hypocrisy on the spiritual path debars one from further progress. To love God wholeheartedly is to see God in everyone and in everything. Therefore, you should love God in such a way that everywhere you look you see nothing but God!”, p4820
Aug, 1962; Ahmednagar center


“I say with authority that I am the Ancient One. I have been declaring this to the whole world. If you love me with all your heart, then you shall be free!”
(, p4277)

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