“The shortest, quickest way to the realization of Truth is through love”


The rector (chief pastor) of St. Bartholomew’s Church, Rev. Dr. Robert Norwood, came to see Baba at the Astor on 24 November. Although Norwood held a prominent position at St. Bartholomew’s, he was disillusioned with organized religion and had little faith in any sect, dogma or doctrine. Baba gave Norwood a long interview and the following is their conversation:

“Love is the only real religion,” Baba informed him. “People are now fed up with dogma, doctrines and principles. They want something real, which explanations can never give. They must feel Truth, see Truth and experience Truth. Only then can one feel oneself in harmony with everything and everyone. Only then can one, though living in the world, not be of it…”

Norwood asked, “Do you preach any specific precepts or do you belong to any particular creed?”

“None absolutely,” Baba answered. “Religions, castes, sects, dogmas, creeds, doctrines and rituals are all hindrances in the path of Truth. Truth is all-pervading and infinite.”

“Is going to church of any help?” Norwood asked.

“Yes, to a certain extent; but not much though. The church that advocates and nourishes sectarianism renders no help. Truth belongs to all churches, temples and mosques. To attain the Truth, no obstacle should be put in anyone’s way, such as present-day religions and cults do. “

Norwood said, “Yes, it is true. At first, I was active in a church, but because I was in search of a religion of the heart, I left it. Now religion and sectarianism do not appeal to me. I have always been sure that if there is anything higher than religion as it is preached and practiced today, it is love for others.”

“Exactly.” Baba continued, “I frequently repeat the same thing. I am preparing a way for people so that they will be able to live a life of Truth. There is no religion higher than love. Love is the only way leading to Truth and God-realization. Mind and intellect provide only superficial understanding; it is dry knowledge. One must see God and experience Him. That is real; then Union can be experienced. It takes a long time; it is a long way off. The shortest, quickest way to the realization of Truth is through love.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1323
November, 1931; Hotel Astor, New York


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