“A life of sacrifice based on love is never lost”


Thereafter, Adi Sr. read out Baba’s message on the occasion of the foundation-laying ceremony for what was to be a Memorial Tower to all of Baba’s departed disciples:

“You are today witnessing a solemn occasion of supreme importance. While the world is feverishly occupied with the vanishing things of the moment, there always are those who gain a true perspective of life, through the grace of the Master. These lucky few are ever willing to make their whole life an ever-renewed and ceaseless dedication to the universal and ageless truth of the imperishable and undivided life divine. The spiritual grandeur of those who set aside all thoughts of the self and make their life an offering to the divine and imperative cause of the Master, is in itself ineffable. But while it surpasseth all description, it is something much more than an ornament of crowning glory for those souls themselves.

A visible memorial [such as] a tower, which symbolizes their life of unfailing loyalty and love, can itself become a medium for inspiring the generations to come.

The Memorial Tower of my departed devotees, which is being erected on this spot, will be a reservoir of inspiration and power for posterity. Their memory is not being perpetuated for their sake; they had absolutely no desire for fame or name. But their memory is being perpetuated because it will be an example for those who are living, as well as for those who are to come.

A life of sacrifice based on love is never lost. It is not only beautiful and fruitful in itself, but also in the creative inspiration which it leaves behind itself.

…The Tower will be in memory of men belonging to different religions and will, in fact, represent the fundamental unity of all the great world religions. All the great world religions have, in their own way, revealed the same one Truth, which I bring anew. This unity of all religions will be clearly emphasized by placing on the Tower the emblems of all the important religions of the world. The Tower shall thus be a silent proclamation of the unity of all religions. The unshakable peace of the life in eternity and the unfading glory of conscious divinity shall crown the souls which are represented by this Memorial Tower.

They are all eternally mine. I bless them all.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p2453
23-Dec-1944; Meherabad


“Love me more and more, because for the sake of love, I have come among you.”,
(www.lordmeher.org, p5318)

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