“Without this love, life is not worth living”

We should dedicate our life to God or the Perfect Master. This means that we should dedicate our happiness and sufferings, our virtues and vices, our strengths and weaknesses. By sincerely dedicating our life we become free, and God or the Perfect Master takes over our responsibility.

Throughout eternity, the message of God has always been and will always be of love, and this love can only be true in love for God. Love for God can be expressed individually through devotion, intense prayers, renunciation, meditation, intense longing for His union and by surrender to the God-Man. It can also be expressed through action, by service to others and giving happiness to others at all cost. Without this love, life is not worth living. One who passes through innumerable lives without this love for God has futilely lived the false life.

Baba concluded: I give you all my blessings, and hope my being among you today will influence some souls to try to attain this love for God.

Nov, 1953; Chuharpur


“…if you stop thinking of your own happiness and give happiness to others, you will then indeed play the part of the lover of God because Beloved God is in all.”

(www.lordmeher.org, p4392)

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