Yogic Powers and Union – Part 1 of 2

The powers that the yogis use derive from the unlimited source of electricity in the air, which comprises the third layer inside. At the same time yogis draw on the limited source of electricity in the third layer of their own bodies, which they do through breath control and other means. Through the combination of these two powers yogis bring about the results that they desire. The yogi has only to think about combining these two sources of power, the limited and the unlimited, and the result follows—such as raising the dead, reading the minds of others, knowing the past or future, seeing things and places at a distance (as when the yogi in India sees America), splitting stones (patthar fadvu), and so forth.

If, for example, a yogi wishes to raise and revive a dead body, or if he wants to see certain scenes and places in America while himself remaining in India, or if he wants a hard stone to break and split to pieces, what does he do? He has only to combine these two sources, using the yogic process to access the electricity without (in the air); then he thinks about what he desires, and the desired result follows. What we are describing here can indeed be reckoned as great powers, by the measure of what ordinary human beings have access to; but these powers have absolutely nothing to do with Truth, which stands far, far beyond anything of this type.

Such yogic powers can be compared to spectacles with colored glass, which show to the eye objects that are actually white in color, or even colorless, as if they were this or that color only. Suppose that a bottle or cup appears white in color to the ordinary human eye. Now a yogi using his powers is like one who puts colored-glass spectacles over your eyes and displays to you this same white glass or bottle or cup in different hues. The yogi’s powers, in other words, are similar to the colored glass. Now in reality both of these colors—the original white and the other color that the yogi shows you—are false. For all of this that you see, this entire universe, is just a dream. When the very existence of the bottle itself is only apparent but not real, what difference does it make whether it shows to your eyes as white or red? Realizing this, knowing the true state of affairs, the Sadguru would never put colored or shaded glasses, but on the contrary would remove the superficial glasses, the spectacles from the eyes of the ordinary people; he would expose and dispel the false notion of the existence of the glass or bottle, revealing to them that it is all nothing—not the glass or cup or bottle only. but the very universe itself. Sadgurus reveal to you your own real Light, which is Truth itself, in all its bare simplicity and colorlessness.

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p357
28-November-1926; Lonavala

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