Meaning of holding fast to Baba’s Daaman


Now I will explain about holding fast to my daaman. Hold me, or leave me! Do not try to compromise. One thing is definite and fixed: if I am the Highest of the High or if I am the Lowest of the Low, and you hold fast to my daaman, you will be where I will be. This depends on how fast is your grip on my daaman. It matters not if you are saints or sinners.

I will give you one example. In my boyhood, I liked very much to fly kites. You know that kites have long tails and as they soar high in the skies, the tails flutter vigorously. If they hold fast to the kite, they go where the kite flies. It matters little whether the tails are stuck with fine gum or some dirty thing. What is needed is that the grip should not loosen. In the same way, whether you are sinners or saints, if you hold fast to my daaman, you will be wherever I will be.

Now, by holding fast means what? It means to keep Baba pleased always. And how to please him? By your obeying him wholeheartedly! All these years, it was I who held fast to your garment. Now the time has come that you should hold firm to mine., p 3698
April, 1955; Satara

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