To guard against maya’s tricks

… The only thing that maya cannot go against is my work, because maya itself is the means of bringing about the results of my work.

Maya being the instrument for the fulfillment of my work, it is but natural that it should do its utmost to bring about the utmost results of this work. Maya, having existence only in nonexistence, will in the end give way to the one and only Reality that is God. And so, God will manifest in His glory.

Maya is the infinite shadow of God’s Infinity. To use an analogy, when the sun appears just over the horizon, the shadow projected by any object appears much bigger than the object itself. But when the sun is directly overhead, the shadow disappears and the object is trampled, as it were, underfoot.
Thus it is that, in my present phase of helplessness and humiliation, the sun’s rays must appear faint and weak and the shadow appear larger and more potent than that which creates the shadow, seemingly overriding the object beyond all proportion.

But when God [the sun] is at His zenith at the time of His manifestation, maya [the shadow] disappears, being virtually nonexistent and powerless under the full and direct force of the sun’s rays. This will be the victory over maya, when the forces of ignorance and darkness disappear in the glory of God’s manifestation through me.

Applying the analogy to yourself as an individual, when you turn your face toward the sun [God], your shadow [maya] lies behind you, and although still existent, it has no power over you. But when you turn your back to the sun, you carry your shadow before you and are constantly aware of it, following in its wake. Therefore, even though you cannot by yourself get rid of your shadow, if you turn your back on it and keep facing the sun, at the time of God’s full ascendance and glory, your shadow will disappear forever.

I want all my lovers to guard against maya’s tricks and hold firmly on to my daaman. , p4572
Aug, 1959; Meherazad

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