03 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Live what you preach-2


Baba then asked Sadashiv Patel how work should be done. Sadashiv replied, “We should talk less and do more work. We should be so engrossed in work for Baba that we find no time for petty arguments.”

Baba stated, “I intend breaking my silence after nine months, and you all should work intensely for this period. Live what you preach. Have one hundred percent honesty or keep your mouths shut! The best judge as to whether you are honest and living up to what you preach is your own heart. Although the Avatar is the Master of all laws in illusion, yet he abides by them.”

Narrating an incident long ago from the life of Prophet Muhammad, Baba stated:

Muhammad was very fond of eating dates. One day a mother brought her son to him, complaining that the boy ate a lot of dates every day and so suffered from dysentery. The boy refused to obey his parents, and told them that he would not eat dates only if Muhammad told him not to do so. Muhammad could not tell the boy not to eat dates, when he himself was very fond of them and ate a lot of them. He told the mother and son to come back after a few days. Meanwhile, Muhammad stopped eating dates and when the mother came with the boy, he told the boy not to eat dates. The boy obeyed at once.

If you tell others not to tell lies, then even at the cost of your life, you should not tell a lie; otherwise, it would amount to hypocrisy. My workers should be one hundred percent honest and do my work with all hearts united. Both the parties must give in; only then will there be no trouble in Baba-work.

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