04 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] Baba seeks pardon from the owner of ber trees

There were many ber fruit trees in Ichhuara (in Hamirpur district)– so many that the sour, cherry-sized fruit had no saleable value. Gustadji, who especially liked the fruit, started plucking a few of the bers from a tree. Seeing him, the others who had come with Baba also began picking them. Baba saw them from a distance. He sent for them and severely reprimanded them. The owner of the piece of land was called, and Baba conveyed to him, “Please forgive me. My men have, without your consent, plucked fruit from your trees. For this offense on their part, I ask your pardon. As they have come with me, I am responsible for them.”

The man replied that there was no question of consent. He was honored they had enjoyed the fruit.” Baba persisted, “You own the trees, and though they may not have much value to you, honesty demands that your permission should have been taken first. An offense is committed, so please excuse us.” The man was visibly stunned when Baba then sought his pardon by laying his head on his feet.

www.lordmeher.org, p4262

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