04 Sep 2012 – Truth is far beyond wanting

“Will I realize the Truth in this incarnation?” was an ardent question put to Baba by a young seeker one day.

Baba replied, “Why be so eager, so impatient? How will you profit by my reply? If I were to say that you will realize the Truth in this very life, will you gain anything more than merely hearing these encouraging words? And if I were to say ‘No, not this lifetime’ and that you need many more births to realize the Truth, you will feel nervous and dejected.”

The young man answered, “Nothing will affect me in either case.”

“Then forget your question altogether! This much is certain, that the Truth is infinitely more anxious to reveal Itself through you – and through everyone – than your seeking It with utmost efforts.

“Even wanting Truth is an unwanted want, and Truth is far beyond wanting. You cannot demand Truth; it dawns unawares. The way lies through successive unconditional surrenders to the Perfect Master.”

Baba continued, “Again, remember the Path is slippery. Guard yourself against posing. It is the worst thing. Let the lamp of honesty ever burn within you. Be sincere in your seeking. My nazar is on you. Don’t worry.”


www.lordmeher.org,  p 5717

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