11 Oct 2012 – [Honesty] For relief from suffering – Live honestly, act honestly, think honestly


At 2:25 P.M. Baba spelt on the alphabet board for one of the persons at the darshan:

“God is equally within us all, and we must love Him and realize Him. Then all our suffering comes to an end. For that experience, we must love Him, and this love can be expressed in every walk of life. But it is most expressed when we give happiness to others at the cost of our own happiness.”

An hour later he spelled out to another person:

“God is the Only One worth living for and dying for. If we love Him intensely, honestly, without the least hypocrisy, we find Him in ourselves and in everyone. The least trace of hypocrisy keeps Him away from us. When we find Him, we become eternal possessors of infinite bliss. We then see Him everywhere and as ourselves.”

People of all religions and communities poured in for Baba’s darshan, including the poorest and the richest of the town. During the darshan, Baba dictated this message:

Rich or poor, great or small, man or woman, everyone is under the spell of some sort of suffering. The relief for every kind of suffering is within ourselves. If we try to live honestly, act honestly, think honestly, in every walk of life, in all circumstances, if we try to put our wholehearted faith in God, that relief is found. We are already the possessors of infinite power and infinite happiness; but it is the way of life that keeps us from enjoying these eternal treasures of God. I give you my blessings for that love, to love God as He ought to be loved.


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