“When I take physical form, it is my reflection that descends”

One night, when Krishna was sitting on watch inside Baba’s room, at eleven-thirty Baba ordered him to sit outside and to take a round every half an hour. On his second round, Krishna spotted a large cobra. While killing it, he made some noise and Baba clapped. Krishna brought the snake and Baba complimented him, “You have done well. The snake will jump three forms.”

After five minutes, Baba called Krishna inside his room. He motioned, “Talk about something.” Taken aback, Krishna did not know what to say. Baba then asked him, “Who am I?”

“Meher Baba.”

“No, I mean previously.”

“I don’t know,” Krishna said.

Baba spelt on the board, “M-E-R-W-A-N. I was Merwan. After that I became Sadguru Meher Baba. After that, Avatar Meher Baba.”

Then Baba said, “There are two Meher Babas.”

Krishna did not understand what he meant. “How is it possible?” he asked. “You are sitting here. Where are two Meher Babas?”

“No, there are two,” Baba insisted.

“I have not seen another one anywhere.”

Baba told him to go and look at the wall, which was a typical whitewashed, plastered wall. “Look at the wall and tell me what you see.”

Krishna looked but responded, “Nothing, Baba.”

“Open your mind and look!”

“It’s just a wall, Baba.”

Baba came and stood next to Krishna. He grabbed a lock of Krishna’s hair, twisted it and said, “Now see!” On the wall, Krishna saw an exact replica of Baba’s form. The image lasted only a few seconds. Baba asked, “Did you see it?”

“Yes, Baba.”

Baba then explained, “There are two Meher Babas. When I take physical form, it is my reflection that descends. That is the Avatar. I do not really come. I am the Beyond-Beyond God.

“When I was Krishna, it was really my reflection. I am not that. I am the Beyond-Beyond God.”

–www.lordmeher.org, p2299
September, 1942; Lonavla

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