“That is why I say only love me”

Krishna asked Baba something he had often wondered about: “Baba, previously you had taken birth for the Hindus as Ram and Krishna, then for the Christians as Jesus Christ, after that as Muhammad. Now you have come as a Zoroastrian. Have you come only for the Parsis?”

“No. Now I am for all,” Baba replied. “This time I am the One for all, with only one teaching. What is that teaching? Love Me. No prayer, no meditation, only love me.”

“But we must have something to remember you by.”

“You have me in the body.”

“And after that? After you drop your body?”

“That is why I say only love me. My prayer is that. Each and every thing, from top to bottom, is contained in that prayer. Only love me. This prayer is enough for you.”

“Are you for any religion?”

“No religion. When the Avatar takes birth it is like the reflection on the wall. When he drops his body, the reflection disappears but the wall (God) remains. It is eternal like myself.”

–www.lordmeher.org, p2300
September, 1942; Lonavla

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