18 Sep 2012 – I like the abuse of my lovers more than the praise of sycophants

THE NEXT DAY, Sunday, September 19th, an event happened on the way to Meherabad. V. G. Luktuke (nicknamed “Mama,” meaning Uncle), age fifty-four, lived near Akbar Press and had first met Baba through Nusserwan Satha at the Meherabad birthday celebration in 1938. These days, however, Luktuke was upset, as he had not received a copy of the circular about the forthcoming Meherabad meetings due to an oversight on Adi’s part. He had not had any sleep the whole night, and at 3 A.M. told his wife, Kamlabai, “People from long distances will be coming to Meherabad where preparations are under way. Pendu is making so many purchases daily. But Baba has forgotten me.”

“Why do you go on saying, Baba, Baba, Baba?” his wife chided. “Meher Baba is only for the rich! What love does he have for the poor? Had he cared about you, you would have been invited to his meeting.”

Thus, in the early hours of the morning they talked over the matter, Kamlabai using the choicest epithets to criticize Baba. She had no idea how sharp Baba’s ears were.

Two hours later, very depressed, Luktuke got up and went to work. At 6 A.M., Baba’s car stopped near the entrance of their house. Baba went inside, and Eruch went to bring Luktuke. Kamlabai could not believe her eyes. Was it really Baba, or was she dreaming? Going to the sink, she sprinkled water in her eyes and came back to see. She was pulling her hair, not believing it was true that Meher Baba stood before her smiling. She kept thinking: “How loving is he, who I was abusing just a short while ago.”

Baba stated, “I like the abuse of my lovers more than the praise of sycophants!” By this time, Eruch returned with Luktuke, who went delirious with joy at the sight of his Beloved Master. He began embracing and patting Baba warmly, and Baba smilingly bore his affections. Husband and wife were so beside themselves they forgot to offer Baba a chair. Baba embraced them and Kamlabai wept. Luktuke explained about not receiving the circular, and Baba reassured him that he was invited and should attend.

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