24 Sep 2012 – Loosening the ego

Anita de Caro was an artist of some talent; she did a drawing inCannesand showed it to Baba, who commented that it was remarkably good and assured her that she was indeed an artist. Baba then asked Rano’s opinion and she said she honestly did not care for it. Baba reproached her, “How can you say you don’t like it? It is so beautiful! You will never be able to draw as well as her!” It was a feint. Baba praised Anita’s talents just to annoy Rano.

For some months, Rano had been working in secret under Baba’s direction on a large painting. It was later called The Ten Circles. Baba had instructed Rano to bring all her painting materials toCannesto continue with the work on the painting which had been taken off its stretcher, rolled and packed, and brought fromIndia. One day, when she was painting a section of it, Baba came and made some criticism of her work. Rano in a huff said, “If you like Anita’s drawing so much, why don’t you ask her to do this work?”

Baba did not like her remark, reprimanding her, “You are useless! You have no sense! Your duty is to fulfill my orders!” Baba was teaching Rano to accept what he wished with a buttoned lip. At times, Baba would tease her, saying, “Why aren’t you as good as your mother? Nonny is so good, why can’t you be like her?” All this teasing was for the purpose of loosening the ego.

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