20121107 The Four Journeys – Part 3


One rare one who gets that experience of Infinite Consciousness – which also includes the experience of the mental, subtle and gross worlds – can bring God to all levels of all the three worlds. He brings unity in diversity, the One in the many. That is the Christ State. He experiences infinite knowledge, infinite power, infinite bliss and is also able to use it for every being in illusion.

In short, the most difficult thing is to begin the real journey. It is easy to succeed in outward journeys in space, to go from continent to continent, from planet to planet, as compared to the inward journey. But this chart shows that very few persons arrive at the seventh station of fana, and come to the end of the first journey and become God.

Very, very few embark on the second journey, and end it in baqa and abide in God.

One rare one ends the third journey in Qutubiyat (a Perfect Master) and lives God’s life. The fourth journey is the passing-away as God. The Perfect Master as God drops his physical, subtle and mental vehicles, while retaining the infinite individuality. Christ, as Jesus, is as he was and ever will be, as God, because he retains his infinite individuality in God and as God.

Are you able to follow something of it? If not, there is no harm; don’t worry about it. Jesus Christ knew that it was not possible for men to love God; therefore, Jesus said: “Come unto me, follow me,” and that is all that is needed for you.

In Avataric periods, one does not necessarily have to make these inward journeys by stages. If you have the grace of the Avatar, he just takes you from where you are to where you should be – where God wants you to be. There is no need for “trains or planes” when He is here!

—www.lordmeher.org, p6005

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