20121108 The Four Journeys – Part 4 (final)

The Four Journeys chart

Eruch then read the discourse on the Four Journeys (published in The Everything and The Nothing), explaining some of the […]

20121107 The Four Journeys – Part 3


One rare one who gets that experience of Infinite Consciousness – which also includes the experience of the mental, subtle and gross worlds […]

20121106 The Four Journeys – Part 2


But value may be attached only to the Earth, where one begins the real journey, the inward journey. The wayfarer then begins to […]

20121105 The Four Journeys – Part 1

[East West gathering, 1962]

Francis Brabazon set up the large chart Rano Gayley had prepared on The Four Journeys. Baba stated, “This is the […]