Love is born only in pure heart

One of Purdom’s friends came to see Baba on 26 September 1931 and said, “After reading the articles in Everyman, I felt I must see you. It was not a superficial thought; I was inspired to see you.”

Baba expressed his pleasure at meeting him and observed:

It is not within the bounds of the intellect to judge spiritual perfection or to enter the realms of One who has attained perfection. This can only be achieved through love – surpassing the intellect. This love is born only in the pure heart of a real lover of God. It can never blossom in the hearts of those swayed by the intellect’s achievements.

For this reason, divine personalities when explaining about themselves rely more on impulse and inspiration than on intellect. While giving his contact to worthy souls, a Perfect Master creates impetus within them. Man’s innermost being is the House of God, and when contact with a Divine Being in person is established, the heart echoes with his sweet song. This echo is the gift of the Master. By creating the silent impulse within, he makes it resonate., p1273
September, 1931; London

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