“The lovers of God do not pay heed to ritualistic books”

Gajwani interrupted, saying that understanding derived through reading is vague and later on becomes confusing. Therefore, he had stopped reading books on spiritual subjects.

“This is only partially true,” Khilnani observed. “When we are with Baba, our Master, reading becomes unnecessary, but when we are away from him, reading of his books and meditating on their themes are a real solace in life, at least for me.”

Baba said, “Truth can never be expressed in words. However, words have their own importance within certain limits. The effect of reading depends upon the kind of books and the value you attach to them.

We find people quarreling in the name of religion over their holy books. Is it not like dogs fighting for the bare bones which have no marrow in them?”

Baba asked Aloba to repeat the lines of Hafiz referring to orthodox believers and fanatics, wherein Hafiz says: “O God, forgive the orthodox and fanatics, for they do not see the Truth.”

Baba continued, “The real men [lovers of God] do not pay heed to ritualistic books, but instill in their lives the truths revealed by the Perfect Masters.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4803
July, 1962; Guruprasad


“Make all other thoughts subordinate to your resolve to please me with all your heart.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p4204)

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