I shall make pure gold from your mixed alloy


The next morning around ten-thirty, Baba explained to the boys:

At first, it was my intention to advance you gradually on the path, but considering the spiritual outburst that takes place in the world during certain ages, I have changed my mind as that time is very near. From among you boys, I am going to immediately advance a few who are ready to be consumed in the light of love! So make your hearts restless to taste this wine of love. But your efforts should not be forced; they should be natural.

During your spare time, exclusive of study, meals, plan and rest periods, create love by remembering me. Ask yourself again and again: When will the Master put me in the line? When will I see God and be united with God? What lies there in the path?

Several times in the course of the day, the Master would embrace, kiss or pat the boys. He would play with them, serve them food and also keep watch over them during the night.

On one occasion, regarding the school and ashram, Baba remarked to Chanji, “Why all this bother? It is just to create a few real lovers of God and one real hero. And for only that, such a big headache! You will never be able to understand its worth.” (www.lordmeher.org, p983)

One day, at the end of a discourse, Baba looked deeply into the faces of each child, one by one, and remarked, “Those whom I find worthy I shall attract to the mistress of love, and I shall offer them the elixir of life. Children, only Truth is real – all else is worthless. Try and be diligent; I shall make pure gold from your mixed alloy.” (www.lordmeher.org, p1042)

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