20121125 – Baba gives the ‘push’ to Agha Ali


AGHA ALI was one of the Master’s favorite boys in the Prem Ashram and had been having glimpses of Baba’s divinity. Ali’s spiritual nature was most remarkable for a boy; his love for Baba was admirable and truly inspiring. It was noticed, however, that from the second week of January, Baba began keeping aloof from Ali, who desired only to stay near Baba. If Baba called him, he would send him back after only a minute. Ali began feeling extremely restless due to this treatment, and he was shaken with grief.

On a previous occasion, twelve days before, Baba kept calling Ali back to him, as often as ten times in one day, but each time he sent him back immediately on some pretext. Afterward, observing how Ali was seething within, Baba poetically remarked:

“Even in divine intoxication,
the head should always be on the Master’s feet.”
On January 29th, Baba revealed, “Ali is now fit for my touch.” The next evening, criticizing Ali before the other children, he remarked, “These days Ali is more attentive to his studies; he has forgotten me. He thinks only of his father and longs to be reunited with him.” Hearing these words, Ali lost control over himself; he felt his heart break and began weeping. He started running about aimlessly. Baba directed Raosaheb to catch him and bring him back. Baba then held him in his arms, consoling him. But Ali could not control himself and for a long time did not stop shedding tears.Ali wept for three hours. At last Baba took him in his arms, patted and kissed his head and touched his chest with his own head two or three times. Immediately, Ali became quiet and his restlessness subsided. He drifted into deep unconsciousness. After fifteen minutes, Raosaheb tried to rouse him, but Ali did not open his eyes or stir. When his eyelids were lifted, his pupils appeared lifeless. He was questioned but he did not respond.Sometime later, on a sign from Baba, Raosaheb asked Ali, “How do you feel?”Ali replied in a barely audible whisper, as if speaking from far, far away, “Happy.”Raosaheb asked, “What do you see?”

“Baba!” he replied.



Baba had him taken to the hospital where one of the men was told to look after him. That night Baba remained sitting in the upper portion of his room until about two in the morning, frequently asking about Ali. Padri made every possible arrangement to keep Ali comfortable in the hospital. The next day, Ali began moving about, but his condition was far from normal and his eyes were vacant.

No one knows how Meher Baba suffered the whole night to bring Ali down from that spiritual state. On January 31st, Baba did not even come to the window of his room, but remained inside all day. Raosaheb stayed in the hospital to look after Ali while Rustom took over his duties in the school.

After Ali recuperated in the hospital for three days, he pleaded with Baba, “Please give me the tongue so that I may speak and declare to the world that I have been seeing you everywhere at all times. I will speak with the force of real experience of having seen for myself!” However, Baba ordered him to resume his studies, which he did from February 1st.

– www.lordmeher.org, p1016

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