“The true sign of love is to give everything – to give and give!”

The next step to this love is union. Therefore, love. Give more love, and more and more love. Big hearts always give and give in; small hearts take and take in.

One day, I will explain more about love to you all. Love is not understood properly. Every emotional act cannot be counted as proceeding from love. The true sign of love is to give everything – to give and give!

One day, I will explain about pure love. A mother loves her child. But this is not pure love. It is love plus self-satisfaction. In real love there is no desire for satisfaction – only for satisfying!

Nowadays, even lust is taken for love. The subtle difference is missed. There is a very subtle difference between love and lust, but it is quite clear. They are two different things. You love rice and curry; this is lust. You love a cigar; lust again. You love curry and eat it, but do not give anything by the act. You finish the beloved!

-www.lordmeher.org, p1778
Feb, 1937; Nasik

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