Give in for the sake of harmony


… There are bound to be differences, but one or the other of you must give in. One of you must give in. That means all of you who stay must be prepared to give in. I do not mind crises, I do not mind chaos, but I do mind disharmony. At present, I have to spend my time patching up things, drawing both persons together on common ground, instead of spending it for the work and pushing you forward.

I tolerate everything. So, you must do the same. Be tolerant with everyone and when you feel like rising up in a fury and having an argument with your adversary, say: “I am here for Baba, and Baba wants above all else – harmony.”

Don’t you think I am right in asking these questions?

All said yes, and Baba continued:

You will feel excited, jealous, proud at times – all of these qualities are there. What I say is: give in, in spite of them!

It is easier to go through fire than to give in. It is a more difficult task than creating the creation, to turn a selfish person into an unselfish one! To turn stubbornness into flexibility! What you answer is a sacred promise to me., p1774
Jan, 1937; Nasik


“To love those whom you could not hate is natural; but to love those whom you cannot love is to love me as I should be loved.”

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