“I am so often misunderstood in my human aspect”

Baba at Pandu Lena Caves, Nasik

At the Pandu Lena Caves [Nasik], Baba took them to each of the 22 caves, and in some he made a few remarks about the rishis, sages and yogis who had stayed there. Baba particularly liked cave number eight and sat in it with Norina, Delia and Elizabeth…

Walking up to the caves in the morning, Baba had kept pace with the slowest of the group. Now, while coming down, he led the way and, before entering the car, waited at the bottom until all were safely down.

Back at the retreat, Baba gathered the Westerners and commented about the trip:

“You all know what an excellent climber I am; you have seen me in Italy. In China, Herbert challenged me to climb a certain place and see who got there first. I did and won. Yet today you observed me climbing up slowly, so as to keep pace with the others who could not climb so well. Outsiders who did not know might think that Baba was a slow climber. Although I am spiritually first, I held back to give those not so spiritually advanced a helping hand. That is why I am so often misunderstood in my human aspect.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1767
Jan, 1937; Nasik

Photo courtesy: www.meherbabatravels.com

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