“Bless Everything”


After further explanation [of spiritual planes], Baba’s dictation ended and he asked one of the group, “Is it clear?”

The person answered, “No. I get all confused when you discourse like this.”

Baba smiled, spelling out, “Love Baba! That is all you need to do. The fun of it all is you are already united. It is funny. But you have to go through it – you have to, everybody has to. You have to know, ‘I am already one with the Infinite, I have always been infinite.’ “

Malcolm Schloss asked Baba, “How can we go beyond becoming and get to pure being?”

Baba replied, “You want to know how to realize the Self. Very cute. He asks the only thing that matters!

“Becoming is the state of not knowing – ignorance;  being is Realization – Knowledge. Unless one is imprisoned, one cannot appreciate freedom. A fish born in water lives in water. It cannot realize water. When it comes out of water it goes back into water and knows the water.”

Nadine Tolstoy said, “Then we should bless everything, even our difficulties, shouldn’t we?”

Bless everything, even the sweets and lemon soufflé!”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1796
Mar, 1937; Nasik

Photo source: MSI collection

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