Avatar’s suffering

The Avatar suffers physically, mentally and spiritually while he works in the world and his suffering is infinite. He suffers physically as he applies great efforts to place the gross conscious world on the path to Truth. He suffers mentally as he finds that humanity will not accept him, will not listen to him and ignores him by remaining addicted to illusion. The Avatar suffers spiritually as he pulls humanity’s consciousness toward the light of Truth and keeps it in the light; humanity pulls toward darkness and keeps its back turned toward the light.

I have seen Avatar Meher Baba suffer infinitely for the world and for the whole universe. He is the One who is eternally free, but has bound himself with the duty and responsibility of the universe. I have seen him work for all beings in the universe to make each one free from its ignorance, while the world ignored and humiliated him.

In the last stage of his seclusion in 1969, spasm after spasm would wrack his body. He told me that with each spasm, he would feel as if he was being tortured with electric shocks and that his bones felt as if they were being broken into pieces. I saw him crush the bones of his body into pieces for the sake of his love for the universe. I saw him give up his body on the morning of January 31st, 1969, as a sacrifice for the world. This is the suffering that I have witnessed.

-Bhau Kalchuri
-Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, Bhau Kalchuri, p167

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