It is our spiritual duty to carry out the wish of the Beloved

Many people have seen Meher Baba suffer throughout his physical lifetime. He would fast in seclusion for as long as five or six months. He would travel from one corner of India to another to contact the God-intoxicated. He traveled during the rainy seasons and during the hot summers and bitter winters by the lowest class in trains, by bullock carts and into jungles to contact these masts. He suffered from fever and other afflictions, yet he would continue on to contact these masts. He shed his blood in both the west and the east in two automobile disasters.

He has told me that he is eternally free, that he himself has nothing to gain. His work has to do with everything in the universe. I have seen that his every movement was only for the benefit of the universe.

I could easily observe, while in his physical presence, the attitude of humanity toward him. I saw how much he suffered for each individual and to what lengths he would have to go to help them, to awaken them, to pull them from the sleep of illusion.

I now see that the people of the world are gradually coming to his feet. He told me, “One day all of humanity will come to my feet.” But what work Meher Baba had to do for humanity, and what suffering he had to pass through to complete his work! It is unimaginable.

During the time when Meher Baba instructed me to write about his manifestation, he was suffering spasms with each gesture. I know that he suffered infinitely in order to awaken humanity to have the experience of his manifestation. Humanity has to have the experience of his manifestation, because he worked for it. His worldwide manifestation will open the way to the inner path toward Truth. Gross conscious humanity will experience this over the next 100 years.

Meher Baba is with each and everyone who has now come to him, but if one of us does something against his wish, he still suffers. Therefore, it is our spiritual duty to carry out the wish of the Beloved and not allow him to suffer anymore. He has been suffering infinitely since he began his universal work, and we can lessen his suffering by fulfilling his wish and by living his message in the world.

–Bhau Kalchuri

-Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, Bhau Kalchuri, p167

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