“Remember this, I am not this body . . .”

During the night of January 30th, 1969, Meher Baba gestured to me on three separate occasions,

“Remember this, I am not this body . . .
Remember, I am not this body . . .
Remember, I am not this body.”

The Avatar in Reality is divine, and therefore when he manifests his divinity it is his manifestation. Meher Baba’s physical body was the medium of his universal work on the gross level of consciousness. The result of his universal work is the manifestation of divinity. The awakening of human consciousness toward his divinity is when he manifests in the gross world. And this is why his manifestation for the world can only begin after he drops his body.

Meher Baba’s body was a vehicle of his universal work, and that work was to make humanity experience divinity. Humanity is destined to experience his divinity. His divine manifestation will be experienced during the awakening and spiritual upheaval, which is already happening, as a result of his universal work.

The dropping of Meher Baba’s physical body signifies the stretching of the bow. The shooting of his arrow signifies the release of the force of his universal work. As the arrow strikes with all its force, the world falls unconscious with pain, but will reawaken to find him.

Meher Baba’s universal work affects every level of consciousness and his arrow strikes deep in the heart of humanity. As a result of his work, individuals are gaining new consciousness. This new consciousness has been gained, because his arrow is now in their hearts. The whole world is the target of his arrow.

A day will come when the whole world will be aware of him and will awaken to his divinity. As his arrow remains deep in the heart of humanity, it will be the total manifestation of his divine love on earth.

-Bhau Kalchuri
-Avatar of the Age Meher Baba Manifesting, p218

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