Man wavers driven by thoughts and desires



The difference between God and man is more than between heaven and earth. Man is bound by cravings and desires. You eat and drink, and whatever you do binds you. I eat and drink, but I am quite free. Animals also eat and drink, but so do men. Is there no difference between you and animals? There is a vast difference. Similarly there is a difference between you and me. You are humans; I am God.

A man has full faith in me today and sticks to me. But if tomorrow his thoughts change and he goes against my wishes and orders, becomes a turncoat, slanders and forsakes all faith in me, still I will be as I am. The change has taken place in him, not in me. I am always changeless; I am ever equable.

For instance, look into a mirror; it will reflect you as you are. If you are serious, you will look serious in the mirror; if you are smiling, you will be seen smiling. If you contort your features, you will be seen with your face contorted. If you laugh, you will be seen laughing. The difference will be in you, not in the mirror. There is no change in the mirror; the change is in your facial expressions. The mirror is changeless, immovable and always steady. I too am like the mirror. The change you observe is in you – not in me. I am always so constant and still that it cannot be imagined., p1061
Aug, 1929; Harvan, Kashmir

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