“My Christmas blessings to you to hold fast to my daaman.”

“My Christmas blessings to you to hold fast to my daaman.”

(Lord Meher, p4477)


While Baba was in London, the Countess Kitty Pahlen hosted a reception for him at her home on Friday evening, 29 June 1934. About fifteen sincere people came to meet Baba, and he answered their many questions and gave explanations:

One man asked, “How can I be a true Christian?”

From the alphabet board, Baba replied, “By following the teachings of Christ, and by living the life that he lived and wanted you to live. People speak of Christianity but are not prepared to follow Christ’s words — to present the other cheek when slapped — saying it is impractical and flying at one another’s throat at the slightest provocation. They create hatred where Jesus wanted them to create an atmosphere of love and brotherhood everywhere. What wonder is it that the whole world is in a muddle about everything!”

Mrs. H. Ford then asked, “But if you are the Christ, why don’t people know about it?”

Baba answered, “It is because people cannot know that I have to take this human form. Jesus was not known in his time, even by his own intimate, immediate companions….”

-www.lordmeher.org, p1616
Jun, 1934; London

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