Astrology and spirituality


Questioner: Has astrology anything to do with spirituality? Can astrological problems be proved as scientific problems?

Baba: Everything has something to do with spirituality; it only depends upon how it is worked out, and that again results in advancing or retarding spiritual progress.

 Science is a mass thing, while astrology is individual, so science itself cannot be proved to be wrong, while astrology can be proved to be wrong. If a truth is established scientifically, you do not think of doubting it. It does not occur to you to doubt it. If you are told that the earth is round and if it is proved to you, you never think that it is flat. But if an astrologer tells you that you will get a million rupees after some time, you will think of it a million times.

 Spirituality has no room for doubts. For example, if someone were to ask me, “Are you sure you are one with God?” I would ask him, “Are you sure you are a man and not a dog?” He would say that he is a man because he cannot think of himself as anything but a man. In the same way, I am equally sure that I am one with God. Even if the whole world tells me otherwise, I do not feel anything about it. Spiritual surety is something that nothing affects.


–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p143

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