Intellect and spirituality


Questioner: Is it impossible to understand spiritual matters intellectually?

Baba: Spiritual doctrine can be stated in intellectual terms. Intellect is a great help in the experience of the heart.

If someone who never had a headache asks you to explain it to him, you will try to explain intellectually what it is. But to make him understand it, you would have to hit him on the head. He gets a headache and knows what it is.

There is nothing irrational in spirituality. Christ said, “Leave all and follow me.” It means “Leave your limitations and live my life.” He meant that it was the practical way.

Mysticism is thought to be something supernatural and out of human grasp. It is not so. You may be doing all your worldly duties and at the same time be a mystic. It depends on how you arrange your actions and how you lead a proper life.


–Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p144


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