Avatar as the First Master – Part 3 (Final) (The Avatar gives a spiritual push to his age)

The incarnation of the Avatar does not take place unless it is precipitated by the five Perfect Masters of the cycle. In all of his incarnations except the first, even the Avatar needs a master in order to come into his own eternal and infinite consciousness. He does not become an exception to the rule that a “touch” of a master is necessary for God-realization.

However, the “touch” of a Perfect Master does not necessarily mean physical touch. When we say that we are “touched” by music, or a poem or story, the touch has deeper significance. Far more truly is this so when it is a question of spiritual “touch.” In the case of the master, this deeper spiritual touch is often transmitted through the physical touch.

Every time the Avatar descends, he is not necessarily recognized as the Avatar by the masses. He can be recognized as such only by those who are very advanced spiritually. The Avatar himself is the least concerned about whether or not he comes to be recognized as Avatar by large numbers. He plays thoroughly his role as the Avatar and his chief work lies in the higher invisible spheres of existence. If, however, he appears at a critical or transitional cyclic period, as is often the case, he is hailed by the masses as the Avatar of the age.

The Avatar is not necessarily recognized and hailed as the Avatar by each and all, because he covers himself under a veil for his own spiritual work. This veil, under which he prefers to remain hidden, is different from the veil which the five Perfect Masters draw on him while bringing Him down in the human form. The veil which the Avatar puts on himself can be removed by him at any time, and for any person or persons as he may desire, for the purposes of self-revelation or self-communication.

The Avatar does not take upon himself the karma of the world nor does he become bound by it. But he takes upon himself the suffering of the world which is the result of its karma. His suffering for the world is vicarious. It does not entail entanglement with the karma of the world. But humanity finds its redemption from its karma through his vicarious sufferings, e.g., illness, humiliation, accidents and the like. In his own ways, the Avatar unfailingly fulfills his incarnation by giving a spiritual push to his age.

-Beams, p30

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