“In the Avataric period Avatar is equal to five Sadgurus”

There are always 56 [God-realized souls]. Now out of these 56, 5 Sadgurus are put into the world. But in […]

Avatar as the First Master – Part 3 (Final) (The Avatar gives a spiritual push to his age)

The incarnation of the Avatar does not take place unless it is precipitated by the five Perfect Masters of the cycle. In all […]

Avatar as the First Master – Part 2 (The five masters always put veil on the Avatar )

With regard to those souls who attain God-Realization subsequently, the two requirements stand, viz., inner poise and adequate adjustment with everything in the universe. […]

Heart, Mind and Sanskaras – Part 7 (Final)

Baba with the five Perfect Masters on the right (painting at MPR Dining Hall, Meherabad, drawn by Diana Le Page)

Babajan called […]