Baba implicitly reveals that He is the Avatar


DURING the programs at Madras, thousands filed past Baba after taking darshan. One man took darshan on the night of April 3rd and was about to walk away when Baba interrupted the flow and called him back. Baba spelled out to him, “I know you.” But none of the local lovers were acquainted with this gentleman.

The next morning, Baba went out for a drive with some of the mandali. He gave directions to the driver, as if he were a long-standing resident of the city. After a few minutes, they came to a building, where Baba stopped the car. He got out and climbed the stairs to the second floor, and knocked on a door. No one answered. Baba ordered the mandali to push the door open.

Baba entered, and they saw the same man Baba had called back the day before at the darshan program. The room was the man’s prayer room. On the walls hung pictures of Ram, Krishna Buddha and other past Avatars and saints. There was only one chair in the room, and Baba went straight to it and sat down.

The man rose and went to Baba, sobbing and laying his head on his feet. The mandali watched, amazed. After he calmed down, the man narrated a remarkable story. For years, he had used this room as his place of offering devotions. He sincerely felt that if the Avatar were to take form again in this age, he would come and sit in this chair in his prayer room. No man had ever sat on it until Meher Baba came. He now knew for certain who Meher Baba was.

Baba looked at the man with compassion and gestured, “Ask for anything.”

The man replied, “I want shanti – eternal peace.”

“Ask for anything but shanti,” Baba spelled out.

The man repeated, “Shanti.”

Baba again cautioned against asking for it, but the man shook his head and repeated his request. He put his head on Baba’s feet and wept bitterly.

–, p3160

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