The supremacy of LOVE

To the disciples and devotees of Madras and surroundings, my message to them can befittingly be epitomized in one supremely sweet word: LOVE.

Love, as you all know, is dynamic in action and contagious in effect. It is only the spiritually alive and enlightened who can appreciably feel or experience the true significance of the ancient adage “Love begets love,” which is so cheaply bandied about by religious preachers and moral philosophers.

In the world of today, particularly India, it has become quite a fashion to sermonize on the sacred word “Love” – a subterfuge which barely hides the ulterior motive and meaning. It makes a world of difference when the Incarnation of Love utters that word. It at once springs into life, action – spiritual and dynamic.

Love means suffering and pain for oneself, and happiness for others. To the giver, it is suffering without malice or hatred. To the receiver, it is a blessing without obligation.

I am always with you; still, I have been very happy for these few days that you have been with me. You may feel that I am now going away, but you should never find that I have gone away. It is for you to hold on to me now and forever. On my part, I and my love will never leave you – here or hereafter.

May you be aware of it deeper and deeper – from day to day. My blessings to you all.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3167

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