“Be an instrument of God and serve humanity”

Dr. Ginde came almost every weekend to see Baba at Guruprasad. During one visit, he described to Baba how he had operated on a child pronounced dead and brought him back to life — and he believed he did this by repeating Baba’s name! The boy, Rashesh Vaidya, had fallen from a tall building in Bombay and had suffered a severe skull fracture and appeared lifeless. But inwardly inspired, Ginde attempted to save the boy’s life and spent eight hours performing brain surgery on him — every second thinking of Baba and taking his name. Ginde believed that his labors were rewarded when the child regained consciousness, and thus the power and glory of Meher Baba’s name was once again proven to a faithful devotee.

Another time, Ginde had been unable to save a five-year-old child. He wrote to Baba about the case, feeling very sad over the death of such an innocent child. Baba replied,

“Do not get affected or upset by such things. Be like the surgical instruments that you handle, which operate by your hand. They are not concerned with what happens to the patient thereafter.” In other words: Be an instrument of God and serve humanity. Do your duty without being affected by results, and accept any outcome as His wish.

-www.lordmeher.org, p5128
Apr, 1965; Guruprasad



“Do your duty, but don’t feel worried about it. Remain 100 percent happy, 100 percent honest.
Do the best you can; then at night, relax and forget about everything.
Keep happy. That is your duty.
And remain honest; don’t compromise. When you do, you get a fear complex in the heart.”

[www.lordmeher.org, p4867]


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