Be Soldiers of God

In the town of Jarakhar, Shripat Sahai had made separate living accommodations for Baba and the mandali in a school building. The children there shouldered wooden guns, and, being the Commander-in-Chief, Kumar thought of parading them. Baba appeared, and without having been told of Kumar’s idea, instructed him to start the parade. Kumar began leading the youngsters, and Baba beamed as the children saluted him. This message from Baba, entitled “Be Soldiers of God,” was given here:

Let us become the soldiers of God.

Let us struggle for the Truth.

Let us live not for our own selves but for others.

Let us speak truly, think truly and act truly.

Let us be honest, as God is Infinite Honesty.

Let us return love for hatred and win over others to God.

Let the world know that above everything, most dear to our hearts is God – the Supreme Reality.

I give you my blessings for the attainment of this Truth.


–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3989

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